The Makers

Our passionMeet the makers

Sassy Sister Liqueur is the labour of love and passion of Amanda Furlong and Rob Mitchell. We create Sassy Sister at Bilyara Springs, our sustainable farm and craft distillery, nestled in the foothills of Victoria’s pristine Strathbogie Ranges.  Made using our organically grown berries, and locally sourced spirits, Sassy Sister is  distilled and bottled on site at Bilyara Springs.

With Sassy Sister we celebrate and honour generations of strong and independent women. The name Sassy Sister is inspired by two sisters from our family, who combine sweet natures with a zesty wit and luscious vintage style. These sassy sisters have matured into beautiful and capable women – just as our own Sassy Sister has matured into a sumptuous and sophisticated liqueur.

Our Philosophy

To create a delicious and unique product, whilst remaining true to our sustainable farming philosophies and honouring the indigenous custodians of the land.

Our Technique

The sweet blueberries and tart red currants that form the base of the liqueur thrive in the region’s bitterly cold winters and warm spring rains. At the peak of the sizzling summer as the sun rises over the mountains, we handpick our ripe and juicy berries to ensure supreme flavour and quality.

Directly from the fields, we steep our delicious berries in spirit aged for over 16 years within French and American oak casks. As Sassy Sister’s essence blooms into a rich, warm and mellow spirit, a portion of the alcohol naturally evaporates into the aromatic oak barrels – ‘the angels’ share’.

To perfectly balance the fruit flavours, we carefully and meticulously blend in a younger, vibrant spirit, aged in the same way, evolving a smooth, complex palate. The liqueur is then bedded down for up to a further 5 years, allowing the spirits and fresh fruits to harmonise into Sassy Sister’s signature deep tones and exquisite taste.

Our Sustainability

Sassy Sister is committed to basing its practices around sound environmental principles. We engage with Landcare Victoria, Land for Wildlife Foundation and other areas of the Victorian Governments Environment Ministry. We use minimal commercial chemicals in our operations thus reducing our impact on the natural environment and water system. Bilyara springs has established a Trust For Nature covenant over a substantial portion of the land and is committed to a Government Bush Returns initiative.

In the BeginningOur Story

“I’m excited that the whole process of production from the weeding, mulching and picking of our berries has led to the creation of an award winning, delicious blueberry liqueur. The whole process has given us such delight and pride in our labour of love.” Amanda Furlong

First Blueberries PlantedAfter extensive research into a crop that would grow in harmony with the environment, and our sustainable farming philosophy, the first blueberry seeds were sown in the Autumn of 2008.
The IdeaThe decision to produce a high quality blueberry liqueur came in 2010, after looking around at the various wines and liqueurs that were currently on the market.
The Final ProductThe first batch of Sassy Sister was released into the market in 2018.
And the Prize Goes ToA big year for Sassy! Winning three awards including two silver medals at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards and Melbourne International Spirits Competitions. The same year saw Sassy stocked on shelves in Dan Murphy's and IGA liquor.