"If you obey all the rules,
you miss all the fun."
Katharine Hepburn BUY

Let Sassy Sister dazzle you.

Tantalise your taste buds with Australian blueberries and red currants. Made from the purest of ingredients, sustainably farmed & devilishly delicious. Sassy Sister is strong, stimulating, sweet, tart and vivacious. She will entertain, she will surprise and she will delight.

Dare to be different.

The farmBilyara Springs

Bilyara is a Wiradjuri Aboriginal word meaning Eaglehawk.  Wedge Tail Eagles make their home amid the rocky outcrops of the Strathbogie Ranges, often seen soaring high above the farm. The ancient granite layer that lies beneath the surface of the soil in this region has given rise to several natural groundwater springs that flow throughout the property.  Hence, the evolution of the name Bilyara Springs.

Grown as nature intended.The Blueberries

Sassy Sunshine

Our berries get everything from mother nature. The warm Australian sun provides all the energy they need to produce naturally sweet and plump fruit.

Sassy Soil

The rich Strathbogie soil is all our plants need to produce masses of fruit at each Summer harvest.  Aided only by a layer of homemade organic mulch each Spring.

Sassy Surroundings

The naturally undulating terrain surrounding our plants and the cool winter mornings create the ideal conditions for frost. Frosty mornings are essential for producing the delicate clusters of blueberry flowers each Spring

The peopleThe Makers

Meet the passionate duo behind the Sassy Sister label.

Let it go, let it out, let it all unravel. Let it free and it will be a path on which to travel. Leunig

Taste & ExperienceSassy Tales

Looking for inspiration on how to enjoy your Sassy Sister?  We have a specially crafted range of unique cocktails for every occasion.

Deliciously sweet and decadently tart.

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